Greenbrier / GIMSA : An iconic image for a flagship product.

Among the Greenbrier Companies’ myriad products and services, their plastic pellet hopper car stands out; designed with input from more than 50 plastic pellet shippers, it is a jewel in the Greenbrier crown, and demand for the car and others like it is expected to double by 2020.

To present this massive vessel with the gravitas it deserves, we traveled to the Greenbrier/ GIMSA plant in Monclova, Mexico to document each part of the construction process, from the initial welding to watching new cars travel off of the line, then completing the necessary photographic retouching, resulting in several images that has been fundamental in Greenbrier’s web and print marketing presence.




Location Production | Photography | Re-Touching

Amanda Blakely Skincare : A unique approach to skincare

Collaborative Work: Scrambler