This is Our Passion

On any given day we may be singing the praises of a public servant, uncovering a trauma victim’s story, or capturing the magic of a dance performance. But whoever the client, large or small, from captains of industry to fledgling non-profits, we pride ourselves in developing long-term partnerships. You’re in it for the long haul, and so are we. The best videos result from a collaborative approach to production. We are committed to learning our customer’s brand so we can provide the best solution the first time.


A Legacy of Innovation

You’d never mistake our studio for the Vatican, but in 1972 they had one thing in common: the world’s first two Ampex computer controlled 1″ video decks. Innovation has been in our DNA from the beginning and today we maintain our place at the forefront of production technology with 4K video, aerial photography, and state-of-the art post production. If you need a yes-ma’am, you’ve come to the wrong place. We do more than simply recite your story; we work with you to help discover it, investing our energy and curiosity to uncover your most effective narrative, then put it to use in building your brand and meeting your goals.

Meet our team

Michael Magaurn


Michael (1943-2017) founded the first independent production company in the Northwest in 1972. Since then, Maguarn Video Media has produced and directed thousands of commercials, corporate communication pieces, and documentaries for clients such as Neutrogena, Volkswagen-Porsche-Audi, PepsiCo, and many others.

Nick Magaurn

Executive Producer

Nick was born to do this. During the hours spent as an apprentice in his father’s business, he gained both the skills needed to manage the business and a unique lens through which to appreciate the craft.

Reijean Heringlake


Reijean began his career in graphic design, though his interest has always been in communication. “It’s about conveying a message. Whatever the medium, information is being delivered, and foremost, that information must be delivered clearly.”

Our Recent Work